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For a limited period, you can buy two issues of our very acceptable classic car magazine for just £9.99. It's a Brucie bonus!
Saab 99


Bruce Forsyth claimed that you don’t get anything for a pair, but this is your chance to buy two issues of our mag for just £9.99. It’s nice to see this offer, to see it nice. Here all day, available for children’s parties, etc.

Maybe you’ve just discovered Classic.Retro.Modern. magazine and you’re wondering what all the fuss is about. This is your opportunity to give us a try before committing to a longer relationship. You can start with the current issue or wait for issue 17, which will be delivered to you before it hits the shops on 1 November 2022.

If you’re new to the mag, where have you been? You’ve missed 16 issues of classic car goodness from a team of talented writers, designers and photographers. Classic cars, retro cars, modern classics and the Renault Safrane. Many, many mentions of the Renault Safrane.

We’ve been bold enough to put a Matra Rancho on the cover, drive a Williams Town Hustler and declare our love of the Proton Impian. Well, some of us have. Many of the back issues are still available, but be quick because they’re selling out faster than a cheap television on Black Friday. Points don’t make prizes, but copies of issue one change hands for big money on eBay.

We should have stockpiled copies of our first issue when we had the chance. As Brucie may have said: ‘Oh, wasn’t that a shame.’

But don’t worry, because you can still get two issues of our mag for just £9.99. Click here to take advantage of this offer. The offer is open to UK residents and ends at midnight on 16 October 2022.

What a lovely audience you’ve been. You’re so much better than last week.

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What’s in issue 16 of the magazine?
Kicking tyres: 1993 Fiat Uno Start
Kicking tyres: Alfa Romeo 2000 Spider Veloce


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