We’re making a few changes and going bi-monthly

Reports of our death have been greatly exaggerated – we’re going bi-monthly from issue 22. But we're not going away.


How would you feel if your favourite classic car mag disappeared? That’s us by the way, in case you weren’t sure. We reckon you’d hate it, and we’d hate it even more.

The problem is that we’re a very small team at Classic.Retro.Modern. and the relentless deadlines of putting together a monthly mag have been taking their toll, which is why we’re going bi-monthly from issue 22. 

You’d be amazed at how many of our fans have said that we’re too prolific – that we put too much into the mag and that it comes out too frequently, so it’s hard to keep up.

Well, we’ve listened and we’re going to produce six issues each year from now on, instead of 12, because running a magazine long-term is a (DAF 66) marathon and not a (Triumph Dolomite) sprint, or something.

That’ll give you twice as long to pore over the pages of the mag, it’ll give us twice as long to lovingly craft the issue, and it’ll give our new advertising agency twice as long to bring in the cash to pay for it all.

This change in frequency will also give us time to work on our personal projects, which have been neglected since the arrival of Classic.Retro.Modern.

Our publisher Ian also runs Diesel & Eco Car, which as a monthly print magazine has had to continue as before, so it’s been business as usual. But Gavin’s PetrolBlog and Richard’s Below The Radar channels haven’t received much love since the arrival of Classic.Retro.Modern.

People have noticed and asked for more frequent updates, and this will now be possible with the change in frequency of Classic.Retro.Modern.

Unlike most of the car mags out there, Classic.Retro.Modern. was created by a bunch of mates who wanted to try doing something different. We’d say that we’ve achieved that aim, but not being part of a much bigger publishing house means that we don’t have the economies of scale that they do. Things take longer to put together and they cost more, but we’re not going away.

Apologies if you like things just as they were, but we reckon that six issues are better than none, and hopefully we can look forward to your continued support.

Mark the date on your calendar now!

The first bi-monthly issue of Classic.Retro.Modern. will go on sale on 1 May 2023, then 1 July 2023 and so on.

Please don’t worry if you have already purchased a subscription or ordered issue 22 individually, as you will still receive the same number of issues as you have ordered. The frequency in which we publish may have changed, but our high standards will remain.

Rumours in the staff canteen suggest that there may even be a Renault Avantime on the front cover of issue 22, but keep that to yourself!

For those that would like to pre-order issue 22 in advance, or express their support for the magazine by subscribing, please check out all of our subscription offers or call 01268 906 800.

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