Essential news! We’re now available in selected Waitrose stores

Issues 17 and 18 will be available in selected Waitrose supermarkets, including Abergavenny, Bath, Cambridge, Sudbury and Worcester.
Waitrose and Classic Retro Modern magazine


We bring news of a significant development in the short history of our classic car magazine: we’re now available in Waitrose.

Okay, it’s only in selected stores (for now), but you’ll be able to find issues 17 and 18 in 13 stores across the country, from Abergavenny to Wymondham and Bath to St Peter Port. If the trial is successful, we hope that our very acceptable classic car mag will be stocked in some of the other 332 Waitrose supermarkets in the UK.

We like to think that our mag is as indispensable as the Essential Waitrose range of products. Up there with Cypriot halloumi, Brussels pâté and Garibaldi biscuits. As tasty as Essential Waitrose profiteroles with chocolate sauce.

Deputy editor Gavin Braithwaite-Smith said: “This is another good reason to shop at Waitrose. If spotting cars in the car park and sticking a couple of Hot Wheels models in the basket weren’t enough, you can now buy a copy of our mag in store.

“I’m sure Waitrose customers will enjoy reading about the Ford Fiesta XR2, Toyota Avensis, Nissan Prairie, Ogle Cortina GT and Lancia VX Volumex. It’s just a shame we didn’t find room for a Renault Safrane in this issue. It’s the Waitrose of the executive car world.”

Issue 17 of Classic Retro Modern magazine, available at Waitrose

The list of Waitrose stores stocking Classic.Retro.Modern. magazine

  • Abergavenny
  • Bath
  • Cambridge
  • Malvern
  • Meanwood
  • Newark
  • Salisbury
  • Southend
  • St Peter Port
  • Sudbury
  • Willerby
  • Worcester
  • Wymondham

The new issue will be in stores on Tuesday 1 November 2022, so why not stick a copy in your basket? It’s, ahem, essential reading.

We’re tempted to change our strapline to Never Knowingly Undersealed…

Main image: John Lewis Partnership Archives

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