Issue 28 (Exclusive Subscriber Edition) – UK only


Tim Pitt’s review of the MG ZS 180 in issue 28 might win the dubious award for the most references to Phil Collins’ back catalogue in a classic car magazine. Tim, if you’re reading this, we’re a little disappointed that you didn’t manage to sneak ‘Take Me Home’ into the conclusion, if only to give us the opportunity to mention the Ford 100E that appeared in the accompanying music video. Still, it rained during the photo shoot, so we guess a jacket was required…

Elsewhere, the Triumph Dolomite Sprint is the subject of our second Hero Worship feature, while Rich Duisberg raises a glass to the Aston Martin Cygnet. Ben Hooper continues his European adventure, while Sam Glover extols the virtues of a cheap Austin Seven. Oh, and Skorj tells you (almost) everything you need to know about Japanese number plates.

Meanwhile, Sarah Crabtree and Gavin say what it’s like to have a child who wants to follow in your footsteps by owning a classic or retro car. We like to deliver both sides of the story…

Speaking of family matters, our new Family Ties feature looks at the three pillars of MG’s Classic, Retro and Modern history, while this issue’s Picture Past looks at estate cars of the 1970s.

If that’s not enough, there’s a photo of Sue Barker perched on the front wing of a wedge-tastic Morris, a unique Renault Fuego Cabriolet, PostCARds from France, retro car toys and how to buy the right Alfa Romeo 156. In other words, something for everyone – even if your taste extends to the Kia Shuma.

You ought to know that the new issue is out today, so unless something happens on the way to WHSmith, you could be reading it before teatime. Jetting off on your hols? You could be reading it in the air tonight…

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