Issue 27 (Exclusive Subscriber Edition) – UK only


When we embarked on this little adventure, our deputy editor (now editor) said there were three cars he wanted to put on the front cover: Matra Rancho, a Proton of some description and a Talbot Tagora. Well, as a certain Mr Loaf said, two out of three ain’t bad, because this issue’s cover star is the Proton Satria GTi. A bold choice, perhaps, but after 25 years out of the limelight, we figured it was time to give the Lotus-enhanced hot hatch the recognition it deserves.

Elsewhere, our story of the last Rover made at Longbridge is a real treat for Rover apologists and anyone with even a passing interest in the history of British car production. Archivist and historian Gillian Bardsley tells the tale with the help of previously unpublished photos.

If that’s not enough, Rich Duisberg has ridden a Raleigh Chopper, Sam Glover bemoans the death of affordable motoring, Richard Dredge explains how to buy the right Jaguar S-type and Michael Sutter tells us what it’s like to live with a SEAT Ibiza SXi. If that’s not enough, Gavin waxes lyrical about the Renault 16, Ben Hooper continues the European adventure in his Audi 80 Sport and Antony Ingram profiles a Ford Escort XR3 remastered by Tolman.

All this and much, much much in the new issue of Classic.Retro.Modern. magazine, which is out now!

Enjoy the new issue.

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