Issue 13 (Retail Shop Cover Edition) - UK only


Here we present another issue of Classic.Retro.Modern. magazine, this time issue 13, our first anniversary issue.

On the cover of issue 13 of Classic.Retro.Modern. magazine, you’ll find a delightful South African BMW 530MLE import. We’ve also got an interesting retrospective on the Chevrolet Corvair, and a picture past that focuses on celebrations, seeing as it’s our first birthday issue. This month’s reader restoration is all about the Sunbeam Alpine, and in our monthly market insight the subject is the glorious Nissan Figaro. The Ultimate guide is all about the Citroen 2CV and as we celebrate our second place in the Eurovision song contest, we look at European Car of the Year number twos. In Your Classics, we feature a Mazda MX-5, MG B and Nissan Micra, as well as a smart roadster and Volvo PV444. This month’s interview is with Sarah Crabtree of Bangers and Cash fame.

We tell you what it’s like living with a Mercedes-Benz W124, Gav’s guilty pleasure this month is the Subaru Mediocrity and we ask whether the CityRover is a classic? That’s in addition to favourites like Sheds Heaven, Kicking Tyres, Ignition, Lost Love and Gav’s Auto Barn.

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